Hundreds of thousands of people are preparing for a possible evacuation in the state of Oregon alone.

The California Governor Gavin Newsom referred to the drastic consequences of climate change, Trump downplayed this as before. Scientists believe that the climate crisis is exacerbating extreme weather conditions such as drought and heat. The US Democratic nominee for the presidency, Kamala Harris, worked with Newsom to assess the destruction caused by the Creek fire in the Sierra Nevada. The Senator from California emphasized that the political leadership must take climate change seriously and do everything possible to mitigate such damage.

The Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden called Trump a “climate arsonist” on Monday. Although the “West is literally on fire”, Trump continues to deny climate change, explained Biden. Source:, mdi / dpa “” Hundreds of firefighters are in action in the region. They are struggling to get the fires under control. (Photo: REUTERS) The fires in the Napa Valley wine-growing region are spreading at a “dangerous” pace. The flames are eating their way uncontrollably through the world-famous region of California.

While many people are fleeing, the fire brigade is helpless in the face of the action. The gigantic forest and bush fires in California are meanwhile wreaking havoc on the world-famous Napa Valley wine-growing region. Several vineyards were eaten up by the flames, and tens of thousands of people in the region fled the fire at the beginning of the week. The fire was fanned by strong winds at speeds of up to about 90 kilometers per hour.

Several wineries fell victim to the flames. (Photo: REUTERS) The “Glass Fire” that broke out in Northern California’s Napa Valley on Sunday destroyed the famous Chateau Boswell winery and parts of the Castello di Amorosa winery. Other wineries were threatened by the flames. According to the fire department, around 4,500 hectares of land in the Napa Valley had been destroyed by the “Glass Fire” by Monday. The fire is spreading at a “dangerous” pace and is nowhere under control. More than 1,000 firefighters were on duty in the Napa Valley. About 320 kilometers further north, according to police, three people in Shasta County were killed in the “Zogg Fire”.

This major fire also broke out on Sunday. In the area of ​​the “Zogg Fire” and the “Glass Fire”, a total of more than 35,000 residents were ordered by the authorities to vacate their apartments and houses and to go to safety. Another major fire called the “Shady Fire” raged in Sonoma, an administrative district directly adjacent to the Napa Valley. 4,500 residents of a senior citizen facility were taken to safe locations in the middle of the night in government vehicles. Napa Valley and Sonoma Counties had been ravaged by devastating forest and bush fires three years ago, killing 44 people and thousands Buildings had been destroyed.biology essay Large fires have been raging in the most populous US state for several months this year. Scientists believe that climate change is partly responsible for the forest and bush fires that have been growing in the western United States for years.

According to her, the drought in the vegetation is increasing significantly as a result of global warming, which in turn favors the rapid spread of the flames. However, US President Donald Trump recently questioned climate change during a visit to California – not for the first time. Trump sees the allegedly inadequate forest management as the cause of the devastating fire. Source:, fzö / AFP “” News and information at a glance. Collection of articles from on the subject of forest fires An area the size of Rhineland-Palatinate has now burned down in the USA. At least 33 people lost their lives.

The annual fire season is still in full swing in the west of the country. Hundreds of thousands of people are preparing for a possible evacuation in the state of Oregon alone. But for many people, aid comes too late in the face of huge forest fires on the US west coast.

The authorities are hoping for some improvement thanks to the good weather outlook. What remains are “smoking ruins”, chimney skeletons and charred household appliances. In the western US states, bush and forest fires are wreaking havoc in many places.

The death toll is increasing. For a short time, the fire department hopes to get the massive forest fires in the US state of California under control. But a new heat wave and dry winds rekindle the flames. Now the fire is spreading to other states and causing considerable damage. Strong winds, drought and heat exacerbate the situation in California’s forest fire areas.

Even worse things are now to be prevented: That is why tens of thousands of households will have their electricity switched off, and national forests are closed to visitors. A heat wave in the US state of California exacerbates the raging forest fires. Residents and vacationers are therefore often surprised by the rapidly advancing flames.

The military has to rescue more than 200 campers from the fire trap with helicopters. A forest fire traps a campground in California for more than 200 people. After all, the military comes to the rescue from the air. The bushfires start particularly early and particularly violently this year – the danger therefore remains high for large parts of the state. Once again California is hit by severe fires.

More than 12,000 emergency services are currently fighting over 20 fires. A campsite in Sierra Nevada is cut off from its surroundings. In an emergency, people should save themselves in the water of the nearby reservoir. “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by on the subject of forest fires The 29-year-old Leonard Gregg, who caused the devastating forest fire in Arizona, had financial problems.

According to his brother, he wanted to earn money as a fire service helper. A firefighter has confessed to having started the devastating forest fire in the US state of Arizona. He faces ten years in prison. A part-time firefighter has confessed to starting the devastating forest fire in the US state of Arizona. In the small town of Show Low in Arizona, the fire brigade sees reason for hope: So far, the emergency services have been able to keep the huge forest fire that has threatened Show Low for days at a distance.

US President Bush has declared parts of Arizona a disaster area. The regions affected by the forest fires are thus entitled to federal aid. In the forest fires in the US state of Arizona, two huge rollers of fire collided.

The fire is now burning on an approximately 80 km long front. The devastating forest fires in Arizona have spread and threaten several cities in the eastern part of the US state. The fire brigade is apparently powerless: The massive bush and forest fire in the US state of Arizona threatens to unite with another fire and continue to grow. In the western United States there is no end, not even an abatement, of the devastating forest fires in sight.

The devastating forest fires in the US state of Colorado are said to have been accidentally started by a forest worker. But what if it was on purpose? “The Bundeswehr is in a permanent crisis. Defense Minister Kramp-Karrenbauer wants to change that quickly. She is relying on a new voluntary service, which should be available from next year, but rejects the reintroduction of conscription Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer has announced a new voluntary service in the Bundeswehr. From 2021, a new service called “Your year for Germany” will be introduced, said Kramp-Karrenbauer in Berlin as part of a virtual CDU event.

Young people who decide to do the service should receive six months of basic military training in their home country and then be called in to do reserve services for six months close to home. The first volunteers should start moving in 2021, with a Defense Department spokesman saying the concept should be unveiled in late July and then an advertising campaign should begin. Most recently, the corona pandemic has just shown how important the help of the Bundeswehr and its reservists is throughout Germany. With the new service, the Bundeswehr wants to strengthen its national and alliance defense capabilities. Kramp-Karrenbauer also renewed the demand for a general “Germany Year” for young people.

She has also spoken out against a return to the old form of conscription. Kramp-Karrenbauer said: “It is not about simply reviving the old form of conscription, nor is it about seeing it in particular as a fight against the law. It is about the question of what holds us together in this society What has tipped over and how we can strengthen those who really want to do something for this society “Defense Commissioner Eva Högl had previously initiated a debate about the reintroduction of conscription” I think it is a huge mistake that conscription was suspended, “said Högl Newspapers of the Funke media group. “We have to analyze this decision very critically.” Source:, jaz / dpa “The CSU also wants to improve the image of the Bundeswehr in society again. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) At the CSU, concerns are circulating, that many soldiers feel left alone by politics. A few weeks before the European elections, the party presents a position paper in support of defense policy and is also discussing the introduction of a “Germany internship”. According to a media report, the CSU is calling for everyone The “Süddeutsche Zeitung” reported that trainees and students had a compulsory “Germany internship.” This emerged from a position paper that the CSU executive board should adopt.

When this internship will be introduced and how long it will last has not yet been determined.Unlike in the past for compulsory military service or community service, it should apply not only to men, but also to women, according to the report. It is still open whether it could be linked to the voluntary social year. According to “SZ” the position paper literally states: “We also want the introduction of a civic Germany internship during the training period, which can be completed at state, social, ecological and civil society institutions or the Bundeswehr.” To improve Europe’s defense capability the CSU also calls for the establishment of a European army within a good ten years. “In addition to the Bundeswehr, we want a compatible, well-equipped, jointly trained and deployed European army by 2030,” says the party’s draft of the almost four-page position paper. Europe must do significantly more for its own defense capability, it said. “That is why the CSU is committed to a real defense union.” The foundation of the new European army should be the so-called permanent structured cooperation (Pesco) of the EU states.

Pesco was founded in 2017 to make the EU militarily more flexible and independent of the USA. The author of the CSU paper is Vice-Secretary General Florian Hahn on behalf of party leader Markus Söder. The CSU is also expecting Lieutenant Colonel Andre Wüstner, Federal Chairman of the German Federal Armed Forces Association (DBwV), and Colonel of the Reserve Oswin Veith, President of the Association of Reservists, at the board meeting. From the point of view of the CSU, the various weapons systems in Europe must also be standardized. “Important future projects are European missile defense and the development of a combat aircraft and tank in partnership and on an equal footing with France.

We want increased European cooperation that will benefit everyone, but not lead to one-sided burdens for Germany. “For the Christian Socialists, the German armaments industry also plays a key role in Germany’s security and defense policy.” It enables us to have strategic autonomy. The priority must be to protect key technologies in the individual areas and to promote new ones. “Arms exports serve as a security policy instrument for German and European interests in foreign policy.” They also ensure the preservation of the domestic defense technology industry. ” That there are common arms export guidelines across Europe. Priority is given to fully equipping the troops: “From the cartridge to the tank, there must be no equipment deficiencies,” it continues. In order to eliminate equipment deficiencies, not only the defense budget must be improved, it also needs one Reform of the procurement system and “lightning procurements” for particularly urgent projects, but it is also clear that targets in time and cost planning must be met.

With a view to the situation of the Bundeswehr in society, the CSU again speaks out in favor of upgrading its reputation: “We thank those who are willing to risk life and limb for our country. At the same time, we are campaigning for broad recognition of the Bundeswehr in of society. “Source:, jki / dpa” News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by on the subject of forest fires Not far from the Portuguese capital Lisbon, a forest fire breaks out unexpectedly. A campsite has to be evacuated , several people are injured.

The big forest fire near Treuenbrietzen in Brandenburg has still not been extinguished and still employs hundreds of firefighters. There is also an old fire nearby that has actually long been extinguished. At least the trains are running again now.

The flames have been extinguished, but the fire is still smoldering: three days after the devastating forest fire broke out in Brandenburg, there is still no all-clear. Investigators still have to wait to investigate the cause. Hundreds of firefighters fight a huge forest fire in Brandenburg over several days. Several comrades are injured during the difficult mission. However, there is good news for the residents of the evacuated villages. The fire brigade can bring the forest fire under control in Berlin, but it is still too early to give the all-clear: Open flames and isolated pockets of embers are still a potential hazard.

For the second night in a row, around 600 firefighters are fighting a huge forest fire at the gates of Berlin. While the residents of two villages are still not allowed to go home, the search for the cause of the fire begins.